The Greek world, circa 1200 BC

It is the Age of Heroes. The Trojan War is in full swing, and the mightiest Greek heroes are battling on the plains of Troy. In their absence, new heroes are needed to defend the Greek homeland. As always, monsters roam the mountains and forests, sometimes straying into settled areas. Bandits plague the roads and harass traders and pilgrims alike. In the north of the peninsula, the Dorian invasion has begun. Already, Thebes has fallen to the barbarians.

It is the time of the Sea Peoples. Throughout the Mediterranean world, tribes are on the move in one of the great migrations of peoples that periodically shake the world: The Phrygians; the Dorians; the Carians and Lycians. The Hittite Empire trembles on the verge of collapse; Mycenaean civilization is threatened; even Egypt is in danger. The tide of invasion sparks a chain reaction, as peoples who are unable to stand against the barbarians seek new lands. Even the Mycenaeans join the flood, with entire clans taking to their ships to found colonies and seize territories in Cyprus and Anatolia. The Mediterranean world seethes in turmoil. The Bronze Age draws to an end. The light of civilization flickers and seems about to go out.

Who will stand forth to defend Hellas against the invaders? Who will sally forth to slay the monsters of chaos and the barbarians of the north? What new heroes will arise to follow the heroes of Troy and forge their own path to glory?

South Tabor